NDC Gateway
for Travel Agencies


GDS, LCC, Direct Connect & NDC


Hotel, Transfers, Insurance, Duty Free

Payment Gateway



Payment Gateway

Middle Ware


User Interface
Provided by TPConnects

B2B Agent Platform


Corporate Booking Tool

Self Booking Tool/
Mobile App for Approvals

Mobile Application

iOS and Android with Voice Search


Meta search, OTA's, TMC's

(Amex, BCD, CWT etc...)

Agent Holidays.com

TPConnects enables Travel Agents to Go Online by providing them their own Website, Mobile Apps, B2B Agent Platform & Corporate Booking Tool - integrated with Flights (GDS, NDC Airlines, LCC's), Hotels, Cars, Payment Gateway etc with ZERO initial investment. Travel Agents are povided with a Middle Ware (Administration Platform) where they can maintain all Point of Sales (B2B Travel Agent Platform, Corporate Booking Tool, Website and Mobile Apps). Complete control of the Point of Sales are managed from the Middle Ware. From th Middle Ware Agents can create Sub Agents, Mark Up as per Suppliers including Route, cabin etc or to each Sub Agent level, Manage Suppliers including Deal Codes, Corporate Codes etc, Control user permissions, push offers to any of the Point of Sales, Create Multiple Corporate Accounts etc.. Irrespective of whatever protocol or standards it consumes, the IATA NDC Standard Gateway (Middle Ware) translates and normalise the same into the latest NDC schema and gives out API through NDC standard.

B2B Travel
Platform (for Sub Agents or for Own branch Offices or for staff)

Travel Agencies will be provided with an IATA NDC certified B2B Agent platform which delivers content similar to the airline.com with branded fares (wherever applicable), opportunity to sell ancillaries etc. Agencies can integrate various suppliers and manage mark-up, deal code, corporate codes etc on product. Multiple sub-agencies can be linked to the parent Travel Agency.

Booking Tool

The Corporate Booking Tool can be provided to any of your corporate customers for them to create their own corporate policies, hierarchies, approval flows etc. Corporate Staff can manage their own booking and/or ticketing either personal travel or business travel and quee for approval. The rules and policies can be set by the administrator for each corporate. There is no limitation for the Travel Agency administrator in creating any number of corporates.

Website with Payment
Gateway Intergrated

Travel Agency will have their own Website with their own domain name. Customers can search, compare, book and ticket various travel products on the website. Your website will be connected to your choice of payment gateway where the money will be credited directly to your bank account.


Travel Agencies will have their own unique mobile application on Android and iOS. Customers can search, compare, book and issue flight tickets, hotel vouchers, rent a car etc from the convenience of their smartphone.

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