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Your journey
to modern airline retailing
begins here. 

We offer cloud-based travel technology solutions with
Swift deployment, Seamless user experiences, and
Smart innovation.

Airline Solutions

Our Airline Solutions are compliant with IATA standards and use
state-of-the-art technologies. They enable airlines to connect
B2B Partners of any size or type, whether specializing in Leisure
or Corporate Travel. B2B partners can connect via intuitive
Booking Tools and via API connectivity, where the Airline
Content can be showcased in the Partners’ own Booking Tool.

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Airline Solutions

We also offer B2C solutions for Airline Websites and Mobile
Apps to expose Air or Air related content. In addition, our
Holidays solution enables the Airline to add non-Air related
content to its proposition. Depending on Airline preference,
this can be offered as a package where mandatory, and/or
where optional products are combined.

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IRIS Portal
Travel Seller Solutions

Integrates with travel agents’ own GDS, direct connect and LCCs.

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