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Our messaging capability is validated by IATA with the following certifications.

  • IATA NDC Level 4 Certified on 18.2 Schema as a Travel Aggregator
  • IATA NDC Capable Level 4 on Schema 18.2 as an IT Provider
  • IATA One Order Capable Order Management System
  • IATA Financial Gateway (IFG) Solution Provider

What we offer for Travel Companies.

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  • NDC Standard Middle-ware (Admin) Platform integrated with GDS, NDC, LCC, Hotel Suppliers, Transfer, Activity, Payment Gateway and Insurance along with following User Interfaces
  • B2B Agents Platform
  • Your own website with Booking engine
  • Mobile Application (IOS and Android)
  • Corporate Booking Tool
  • API out for meta search engine

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What we offer for Airlines.

Get your NDC Distribution and One Order projects off the ground!

NDC Certified and ONE Order Capable Offer & Order Management System (Middleware) integrated with your PSS, IFG and Non-Air Products.

  • Unleash Your e-Commerce Opportunity through our NDC based booking engine and website
  • Redefining Mobile Apps- through our Voice based Mobile Apps
  • End to End (Search to after sales) Airline Agent Platform for your Travel Agents – reporting through BSP, Cash and Credit Card
  • Next generation Corporate Booking Tool featuring advanced branded fares, approval and hierarchy flow
  • NDC API Out for your Online Travel Agents and Meta Search Engine’s
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What we offer for Travel Booking Engine owners.

Connect to more than 47 Airlines though one universal NDC API

Key Features

  • Enabling quick adoption of NDC at a lower cost to your business
  • Avoid cost to deploy and maintain every single NDC airline partner connection
  • Avoid upgrading and enhancing various NDC Schemas and IT Providers/PSS version changes
  • Enjoy the benefit of a distribution network of like-minded partners
  • As we add new airlines, you can turn them on immediately
  • While we take care of the Technology, you concentrate on the commercials with the partners
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Travel Agency

Getting and maintaining the digital assets (B2B, B2C, Mobile and CBT) is a major challenge for Travel Companies. Our NDC certified aggregator platform, B2B, Website, Mobile App & Corporate Booking Tool is integrated with Travel Agents own GDS, NDC Airlines, LCC’s & other Non-air suppliers like hotels, cars, transfers etc. The SaaS based GO ONLINE solution enables the Travel Agency to migrate from an Offline environment with minimal upfront cost.

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The NDC capable Gateway (Middleware) enables airlines to retail travel through all Point of sales i.e airline.com, Agent Platform, Mobile App & Corporate Booking tool. Integrated with PSS, IFG and all Non-Air Suppliers, the airline will be able to push Personalized and Dynamic Offers to the customers (irrespective of the User Interface they come from – as all the UIs are connected to the Middleware) depending on their value.

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Single NDC API

Integrating an NDC airline to a booking engine typically takes 3 to 6 months.The NDC version used by each NDC airline and versions by IT Provider may be different and needs to be maintained to accommodate changes and new requirements. With us, you can access all the airline partners’ content with one single NDC API. A single NDC API with multiple airlines connected regardless of the schema or version used and without the need for costly integration.

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Airline Customers using our technology

Our Airline retailing product is the platform-of-choice for the global airline brands leading the transformation in air retailing.

Travel Suppliers Integrated

We’ve partnered (directly integrated) with some of the world’s largest and most innovative airlines in addition to GDS, Low Cost Carriers and Non-Air Suppliers.

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