Single NDC API

One of the biggest challenges for Travel Sellers and Distribution Partners is to integrate and manage multiple versions of the Application Program Interface (APIs) from Airlines. Irrespective of the API Versions from the Airline IT Provider or the NDC schema adopted by each airline, TPConnects provides one standard connectivity to the Travel Sellers and Distribution Partners. Travel Sellers and Distribution partners do not require to have a deep knowledge of the versions or schemas and needn’t upgrade their technology to keep up with every new NDC Schema – TPConnects will do that for them.

Single NDC API

Integration with Booking Engine

Setting up an integration between an airline and a booking engine typically takes 3 to 6 months. If the IT Providers and NDC change their schemas this may end up in a tedious task and cost for the booking engine owner. We provide a Single NDC API integrated with all airlines while taking care of the enhancements and upgrades.

Key benefits for the booking engine owner (OTA, B2B Tech Provider)

  • Enabling quick adoption of NDC at a lower cost to your business through a Single NDC API.
  • Avoid cost to deploy and maintain every single NDC Airline integration
  • Avoid managing additional airline custom implementations
  • Avoid upgrading the interface to accomodate all new features and functionalities based on changing schema’s
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