TPConnects, a technology solution provider to the global trade, has confirmed that its Travel Aggregator platform based on Iata NDC’s XML-based data transmission standard is now live for its first airline customer in UAE.

Middle Eastern airline Rotana Jet is the first carrier to adopt TPConnects’ product, announced Tony Tyler, director general of IATA during the IATA Middle East and Africa Aviation Day in Abu Dhabi on October 27, 2015.

By adapting the NDC Standard and using TPConnects platform, the airline will be able to differentiate its products and services, distribute the entirety of the product portfolio, including ancillaries and promotional fares, present the airline’s products in an attractive manner using rich format like photos and videos, as well as expand the amount of information available on each product including attributes, facilities, policies, passenger reviews etc. The TPConnects travel aggregator will also offer value-added products and services when applicable in addition to other non-air product offerings like hotels, cars, activities, event and concert tickets and insurance.

Kristine Fernandez, director business development at TPConnects, said; “We are glad that our first airline customer went live with Iata NDC. With the airline industry under extreme financial pressure, stiff competition, consumers grow increasingly tech-savvy and mobile, TPConnects Airline Internet Booking Engine and distribution tool with NDC standard assist airlines to adopt a merchandising strategy that not only takes the need of travellers into account, but also achieves the main goal of airline to increase its profits and shift from a service provider to a retailer.

With TPConnects aggregator platform, travel agents are now able to search, compare and sell all the products and services of the airline including ancillaries and non-air products such as hotels, car, activities and insurance. With volume business, airlines are now able to negotiate better rates from the non-air product suppliers which will eventually benefit the end customers. Alternatively, the switch model enables the travel agents to plug their own credentials and contracted rates from suppliers.

TPConnects is using IATA NDC standard to connect to many airlines, and GDS’s to receive up-to-the-minute flight availability, pricing and offers, both bundled and unbundled.

George Ibrahim, CEO of Rotana Jet, said: “We are glad to be the first airline in Middle East and Africa to go live with IATA NDC with the first publication of the latest NDC standard. As Rotana Jet develop bundled and unbundled offers, the travel community needs to be able to shop and compare the value of these options for their customers, just as they do when they shop online for any consumer items or walk-in to any retail shops. IATA NDC gives us the ability through the development of a modern, internet-based data standard for communications between Rotana Jet and the travel agents.”