TPConnects conducted a travel agency seminar on 6th November 2017 in Dubai. We are happy to update our travel partners with the valuable and latest information about the NDC platform and its benefits and also about the viral adoption of NDC by the Aviation industry.

The topics included in the seminar covered showcasing the end-to-end product portfolio of the TPConnects B2B travel platform and related with the current issues facing the travel industry; serving the purpose of building awareness in all levels of travel and played a significant role in furthering the ability to feed our travel partners.

From Novelty to game changer; the seminar addressed the future of the travel business modules.The participants acknowledged the rapid growth in NDC adoption by the airlines and recognized the need for a travel aggregator platform certified by IATA NDC that can act as a one-stop solution for booking flights from different sources including GDS and Direct connect’ in addition to airline ancillaries and non air commissionable products like hotels, cars, transfer, cruise, etc from various resources.

In light of the recent announcement by IAG group charging USD 10 per booking, Airfrance , KLM charging Euro 11 per booking one-way, and Lufthansa group charging Euros 16, British Airways charging USD 10, Ukraine international charging USD 9 and American airlines charging USD 2, per booking; TPConnects travel aggregator platform integrated with all the direct connects and GDS assists travel agencies to save the surcharges as well as to earn the incentives without recharging the surcharges to the customer.

The other modules within the travel aggregator platform include B2B, B2C, Mobile application, Corporate booking tool, preset holiday package builder, dynamic holiday packaging, inbound and contracting module, dynamic markup facility, supplier and revenue management, leisure management, etc.

Smart technology is playing an important role in today’s travel business; TPConnects vision is to shape the future of travel distribution and in line with our goal we are constantly working on improvements to our platform to meet the needs of airlines and travel agency customers.