TPConnects, Travel Technology Company specialized in Airline Offer and Order Management solution and NDC Distribution appointed Taiba Flocks as its new sales and marketing partner in KSA (Western Province)!

The announcement, which came into effect from Jan 15th, 2019, sees Taiba Flocks responsible for the TPConnects Airline and Travel Agency Solution sales promotions and marketing activities in  KSA  (Western Province) market.

Travel Agents in KSA  (Western Province) will now be able to Go Online with ZERO initial investment and without having their own IT Staff to manage the various API integrations, upgrades and enhancements. Through TPConnects, Travel Agents in KSA  (Western Province) will have their own Website with booking engine, Mobile Applications, B2B Agent Platform for own staff use and for Sub Agents & Corporate Booking Tool for Corporate Customers with own travel policy, hierarchy and approval management etc – integrated with Flights (from own GDS, NDC Airlines and LCCs), Hotels, Cars, Payment Gateway etc. On behalf of TPConnects, the GSA will appoint dedicated staff in KSA  (Western Province) to service, support and hand holding the travel agents in their transition from OFFLINE to ONLINE.

Travel Agents who have their own Booking Engine or ONLINE solutions will be provided with NDC Certified APIs from participating airlines including SV, WY, MK, BA, LHG, AA, EK, G9 etc.

TPConnects Airline Retail Middle-ware helps airline’ to retail travel & push personalized offers to customers through any Point of Sales (,, mobile apps, airline agent platform or Corporate Booking Tool – all User Interfaces’s from TPConnects). TPConnects helps Travel business (Airlines & Travel Agencies) to retail travel products and push personalized offers to potential travelers. TPConnects is the First IATA NDC Dual Level 4 Certified Travel Aggregator (for Travel Agencies) and IT Provider for Airlines and the FIRST in travel to receive the IATA Financial Gateway Solution Provider Certification from IATA.

Contact Details:
Saudi Arabia
Address: 6600 Al Amir Muhammed IBN Abdul Aziz, Al Iskan, Medina Unit 3
Tel Number: 920033632
Mobile No: +966555316656
Fax: 014864988
Email: [email protected]