Is your Airline ready for Modern Retailing?


• Enhanced shopping​

• Airline-controlled product configuration​

• Personalised Offers​

• Rich content


• Painless order management and servicing​

• ONE Order capable


• Multiple forms of payment(IATA and Non-IATA)​

• BSP / ARC Settlement and IFG Reporting​

• Settlement with Orders (SwO) capable

Customer Engagement Channels

Astra B2B :
• State-of-the-art, airline-controlled sales and servicing
• Minimal training required
Astra API:
• Direct Connect API: Travel seller access airline offers via our NDC-API
• Aggregator API: Publish content to aggregator partners for downstream travel sellers
Astra B2C:
• Website
• Mobile App
• Holidays
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Gulf Air’s Success In
Modern Airline Retailing

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