Appointment of General Sales Agents (GSA’s) For TPConnects

TPConnects is a fast growing Travel Technology Company specialised in Travel Distribution and Content Management. TPConnects is an IATA Strategic Partner and Dual Level 4 IATA NDC Certified IT Provider for Airlines and Travel Aggregator.

We help Travel Agents to Go Online by offering their own Website, Mobile Apps, B2B Agent Platform & Corporate Booking Tool – integrated with Flights (from GDS, LCC & NDC Airlines), Hotels, Cars, Payment Gateway etc with ZERO initial investment using the Travel Agents credentials. The Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) has partnered with TPConnects to help 10,000 + Indian agents become “online and visible” in the next two years. Many other travel associations and TMCs are in the pipeline to sign similar contracts with TPConnects. We are certified Developer of Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport GDS in addition to a number of hotel suppliers including Expedia, Priceline, DOTW, GTA, Tourico etc. Using our Travel Aggregator Platform or Online solutions Travel Agents can save the GDS Surcharges imposed by airlines like British Airways, Lufthansa, Airfrance / KLM, QANTAS etc. Read the News Here

Our Airline Retail NDC Gateway / Middle-ware helps airlines’ to retail travel & push personalized offers to customers through any Point of Sales (,, mobile apps, airline agent platform or Corporate Booking Tool – all User Interfaces’ from TPConnects).We provides a cost efficient NDC standard Gateway integrated with the airline PSS and IATA Financial Gateway along with all Point of Sales, which includes an and website, mobile application and Corporate Booking Tool. The NDC Gateway is also integrated with non-air suppliers including hotels, cars, insurance etc, managed by a rules engine where airlines can differentiate, personalize and tailor the offer for each customer. The NDC API from the NDC Gateway enhances the direct booking presence on OTA’s, Aggregators etc.

Our NDC Direct Connect Solution (Gateway) airlines include Saudi Arabian Airlines, Oman Air, Air Mauritius and Nile Air. In order to be respond to Travel Agency and Airline customer needs and meet their expectations, TPConnects wishes to request from qualified parties (Airlines, Travel Agents, IT Companies etc) who are interested, to bid for this tender. The details of the nature and other characteristics of those tenders are found in the attached document.

Kindly note that this is an open ended RFP (without any end date). TPConnects however reserves the right to select from within parties that apply to be appointed as a GSA in response to this RFP from the first respondents at any stage / time, irrespective of the number of responses received from each / any Territory or all Territories, without any reference to the public at large or any amendment to the RFP.

TPConnects however reserves the right to cancel this tender any time before a Contract is signed.


Rajendran Vellapalath
Chief Executive Officer

Invitation to Tender