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Airline Solutions

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Airlines use multiple vendors to have the Airline Agent platform, provide APIs out, websites, mobile apps and corporate booking tools. Since these Point of Sales channels do not talk to each other, the airlines are not in a position to segment the audience and target the potential customers in a very personalized way. If airlines want to take control of the passenger, based on supply and demand and provide dynamic personalized offers, based on ‘who is asking’ and thereby differentiating customers from each other, they should know right from the time the customer enters into their distribution web. For this to occur, airlines should first have centralized control of the entire Point of Sales channel. They should have one Middle Ware (Gateway) between their internal systems (PSS, FFP, ATPCO, Inventory and Revenue Management and Revenue Accounting) connecting their distribution channels (Website, Mobile App, APIs Out, Agent Platform etc.).

TPConnects provides a cost efficient NDC standard Gateway integrated with the airline PSS and IATA Financial Gateway along with all Point of Sales, which includes an, website, mobile application and Corporate Booking Tool. The NDC Gateway is also integrated with non-air suppliers including hotels, cars, insurance etc, managed by a rules engine whereby airlines can differentiate, personalize and tailor the offer for each customer. Airlines should be able to define rules to push personalized offers to a customer depending on the value and status based on supply, demand, seasonality etc, with multiple payment options.

Airline Solutions
Airline Solutions

Airline Agent

A Direct Connect Airline Agent platform is a modern, XML-based connection (based on IATA NDC Standard) to the airline PSS that enables travel agents to access an expanded and more personalized set of airline and non-air products and services than which is typically available using legacy (Edifact) connections. Agencts or Airline ATO / CTO offices can manage mark-ups, commissions, deals etc on a specific route or cabin or customer. Multiple sub-offices / users can be linked to the parent Office. Agents or Airline ATO / CTO offices can bundle air plus ancillaries.

Airline Solutions

Booking Tool

Airlines now can provide the Corporate Booking Tool to any corporate customers for them to manage their corporate policies, approval hierarchy, approval flow, manage corporate deals and can make their own booking and/or ticketing. The rules and policies can be set by the administrator for each corporate. The Self booking tool associated with the Corporate Booking Tool allows the staff of the corporate to book travel and quee for approval and once approved can issue the ticket directly or through a Travel Management Company linked to the Corporate Booking Tool.

Airline Solutions

Website with Payment
Gateway Intergrated

Airlines can now have and manage their own or Website with their domain name. Customers can search, book and ticket various travel products including air, air ancillary and non-air contents (contracted by the airline) on the website. The website will be connected to the airlines choice of payment gateway.


Airlines will have their unique mobile application on Android and iOS. Airlines will be able to push an offer to the customer or will be able to change offers instantly based on customer groupm, device ID etc. Customers can search , book and issue flight tickets, hotel vouchers, rent a car etc from the convenience of their smartphone.

Airline Solutions


TPConnects NDC Gateway manage all APIs Out with no dependency on any third-party. TPConnects platform consumes messaging protocols including XMLs, Edifact and give out NDC 17.2 API to be integrated with any OTA, Travel Aggregator, Mobile Apps.

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