The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has awarded New Distribution Capability (NDC) Level 4 certification to, managed by Superior Tracks Travel and Tourism Agency based in Dubai and Jeddah, to become the first online travel agency and B2B reseller in the MENA region to certify on schema version 18.2.

Mohammed Gaus, CEO and Founder,, commented, “Getting NDC Level 4 Certification is a great achievement for us to keep pace with IATA´s certification program and ensure that we continuously enhance the technologies to keep us relevant”.

Zeeyarah announced the official launch of Online Travel Agency in Saudi Arabia and in UAE. As part of their NDC program, Zeeyarah has commenced direct connectivity with all NDC Certified airlines. “By achieving Level 4 NDC certification as a seller, Zeeyarah joins other industry leaders supporting efforts to enable full, rich content and product differentiation in the travel agent channel, while supporting servicing functionalities” said Yanik Hoyles, Director Industry Distribution Programs, IATA.

“Khaliq Shaikh, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Zeeyarah commented: We are delighted with this achievement and are hopeful about our relationship with our NDC Airline Partners. I would also like to thank TPConnects, our NDC Technology Partner for their scalable NDC based Sub Agent Reseller Platform, Website with booking engine and Mobile Apps technology and timely support to reach where we are today in just a span of three years”. Our 950 plus sub agents who source aggregated content from Zeeyarah Sub agent platform will also benefit from the Level 4 NDC Certification to build their strength by differentiating their offer through a niche and value added approach New Distribution Capability (NDC) is a key transformation project, launched by IATA to modernize Airline distribution.

The NDC standard enables an airline to make sales offers to travel agents directly in real time, and this will also permit airlines to both define and price their products in any way they wish. Travel Agents who wish to start their own B2B, B2C, Corporate Booking Tool or Mobile apps are encouraged to visit who will be providing the content along with white label solutions.

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