It is a challenging time for everyone, not only for the travel sector but in every element of our lives. All sectors face unparalleled disruption and travel agencies are on top of the list.

This time is unprecedented and extremely challenging. How can the various players (airlines, travel agents, hotels, etc) navigate this rough terrain, minimize damage and ultimately, when the dust settles, come out stronger?

With declining revenues almost all travel businesses are running out of working capital. The responsibilities towards staff, payment of their salaries, EMIs to service, payments, bank guarantees, taxes etc the industry is on a standstill and seeks for support now more than ever.

We are in a global crisis of a magnitude that has never been experienced before. There is no “business” worth jeopardising your health. No meeting is worth exposing yourself or your team to something for which there is presently no cure. Companies are opting to communicate with staff and customer by using various technological means.

Once the virus is under control, we will be facing a new reality. We will have to reinvent the system, possibly by considering new opportunities that were not in our horizon.

In difficult times, it is vital to be there for our people, our customers; to serve them efficiently and effectively by making sure your products and services are available at all times. More so, you have to keep your high-performing employees (your company’s greatest asset) close, by motivating, giving them confidence and managing them carefully. The outcome will often be creativity, improvising skills and higher customer engagement.

How can Travel Companies navigate the rough terrain, minimize damage and ultimately, when the dust settles, come out stronger?

A time of crisis like this can be an existential threat to the day-to-day affairs. Since things are not in our hands Travel Companies should turn this into a real opportunity to create value-driven innovation.

Have you ever wondered, if you had a website with booking engine and payment gateway with all the after sales services integrated you could have directed your customers to your website.

Have you ever thought if you had a B2B Travel Platform with booking engine, you could have asked your employees to work from home or remotely at a place of their choice or give a log in to your corporate customers to do the changes they require.

We suggest you to relook into the way you do your business, use this time to GO ONLINE create solutions that combines digital innovation and are customer-centricity. For the ones that will get it right by creating their presence online, will stand out from the competition and define the new reality.

Why NDC?

We have designed a GO ONLINE package for the small and mediums sized travel agents and create the opportunity to Go Online with your own
• B2B Agents Platform – For your staff and corporate customers
• Website with Booking Engine Integrated with payment gateway for your customers
• Mobile Application
• Corporate Booking Tool – for your corporates

Benefits of NDC

All the above are integrated with a Middleware where you will have complete control as the Owner / General Manager of your travel business. Since all the flights are coming from your own GDS (one or multi), Low Cost Carriers, NDC airlines, hotels, car rental, insurance and other non-air components from your own suppliers you have complete control on the contents being displayed.

Worried about the Cost?
We understand your concern, hence for a limited time period we are offering the GO ONLINE PACKAGE with Zero Initial Investment and will bill you a nominal per passenger transaction fees. In other words you will have all the digital assets ready now and once you have the customers ready to make booking through the platform the applicable fees will be charged.

If you have all the web services ready you can be live with the GO ONLINE PACKAGE in less than 15 days, meaning if you take necessary action today you can send your staff to work from home.

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