Travel Retail Aggregator Platform

We aggregate air content from sources like GDSs, PSSs (via direct connect to the airline PSS), Low-Cost Carriers and air consolidators, hotel content from Hotel Aggregators like Expedia, GTA, Hotelbeds, direct hotels and hotel chains like Accor etc. Further, agents negotiated inventory and rates and GDS hotel content, activities, the car and insurance from suppliers and aggregators are also included. Adding up to traditional suppliers, our platform also has the capacity to aggregate other travel retail products including local event or concert tickets, duty-free.etc. The platform also has the ability to Markup up to the lowest level (seat or room), sell the lowest or preferred product.etc.

Our long and reliable list includes 15 + Hotel Suppliers, 3 + GDS’s, 6+ LCC’s,  6+ Direct Connect from airlines, 4+ Activity Suppliers, 3 + Insurance Providers, 6+ Car Suppliers,  4+ Payment Gateways… with more integrations on the way.


Leisure Management Platform

We understand the importance of Leisure and so we also provide a Leisure Management Platform which is innovative, powerful and most importantly a time-saving tool. It allows Tour Operators to sort out/create complex custom-made itineraries and FIT in just a few clicks. Real-time quotations for multiple services with just a single click are also included. The platform is user-friendly GUI for costing/ Itinerary generation (B2B/B2C), Offline/Online booking engine, fully Automated Quotation Generation, Dynamic holiday packaging and Tailor-made Itineraries. The platform is very flexible and manages own contracted rates and inventory for both inbound as well as outbound holidays.


B2B, B2C and B2E Solution

TPConnects provide expert solutions and for that, a modular aggregator for flight, hotel, activities, transfer, and insurance is provided. Complete management of sub-agents (B2B) and direct customers (B2C) is taken care. You can now connect with your customers and business partners using a scalable and secure cloud environment. Features like Sub Agency mark-ups till the lowest level, credit allocation, commission allocation etc are included in this module.


Frequent Travel Program

Our Frequent Traveller Program is developed and designed to encourage customers who are enrolled in the program by accumulating points which may then be redeemed for air travel or other rewards.


Inbound Holidays Management


An Omni-Channel modular Solution is provided for Inbound Tour Operators (ITOs) and Destination Management Companies (DMCs). This includes inventory management, quotation management, fleet management etc


Revenue Management

Our Revenue Management tool allows travel agents to maximize revenue based on product and inventory as per its availability. This module is highly customizable as per the Revenue Management processes and principles which have been established by the Travel Agent.


Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence is a highly advanced feature which provides travel agents, online travel agencies (OTAs) and Travel Management Companies (TMCs) with a unique and precise set of solutions, products and services. It is tailored to support in-depth evaluation of business performance and new business opportunities based on unique and actionable market scenarios.


Online Booking Engine

Online booking key on computer

A one stop solution for all the travel needs which meets the exact needs of travel providers to enhance and boost up online sales. Our user-friendly GUI provides the best-in-class customer experience helping the travel providers by delivering all types of travel booking services like flights, ancillaries, car rental, hotels, activities and insurance.


Agency Incentive Management System


The Agency Incentive Management System allows travel agents to manage the supplier incentives and commissions. All necessary rules and regulations are stored in the platform database which includes preferred supplier (hotel or travel agent), targeted tier .etc.