Merchandising Engine with air & non-air ancillary products


Merchandising Engine

TPConnects NDC based customer centric Merchandising Engine enable the airline to offer existing as well as new, air and non-air (hotel, car, transfer, insurance, duty free products) ancillary products to any Point of Sales (, Airline Agency Website, Call Center etc).  The Merchandising Engine have the capability for Dynamic Bundling, Dynamic Pricing, Rich Content Management, Personalization, and Branded Fare Management.

Some of the key functionalities possible with TPConnects Merchandising are; Create Offers based on Personalized preference, Loyalty, Value, seasonality, POS, O&D etc

Dynamically Price Ancillary based on set rules

Create new product bundles/brands and dynamic pricing of a specific brand
Bundle Products based on Origin and Destination, Cabin, Load Factor, FFP Tier & POS

Update Rich Media (Video, Pictures) based on Aircraft, Route, Cabin and provide an API Out to any Point of Sales

Create both static and dynamic mix of air & non-air products and create product bundles

Offer pre-bundle package and A La carte

Offer branded fare attributes based on the characteristics of Origin and Destination

Create branded fares restricted to a user group only or corporates Push customized content across all Point of Sales

Integrate offers with data from Customer Data Hub or Data Dump or with the Frequent Flyer Program

Offer Management & Dynamic Bundling


TPConnects Offer Management module enables the airline to dynamically package and makes the best suitable recommendations for any customer. The Offer Management Module features an extensive Business Rules Engine. This means each and every customer will get their dream package based on pricing and packaging rules, price flights and other ancillary products.

Sophisticated merchandizing and personalization features allow the airline to promote, bundle (air and non-air (hotels, cars, transfers etc), package, reward and tailor a multitude of travel products across all channels.

The module also assists the airline in defining dynamic packaging rules, extensive and detailed pricing rules for all flights, defining personalization business rules and other related customized airline-specific rules like Cash plus FFP miles etc.

The module obtain the fares and prices of flights and ancillary products from ATPCO, as well as have the ability to store fares and prices on the platform itself for the ability to price without retrieving the fares from ATPCO – for both revenue fares/prices filed in various currencies and for redemption fare/prices filed in miles.

Offer Management allows the airline to define pricing rules, for all flight and ancillary products sold via the platform. Such pricing rules could include parameters like Origin and Destination, Load Factor, Flight Segment, Region, Point of Sale, Day of Operation etc.

The module allows the airline to define dynamic packaging rules and allow the airline to define personalization business rules based on different customer segments and other input parameters.

The module allows the airline to determine the products, pricing rules and packaging rules which are applicable when a request is received via a specific channel and agent.

Order Management


Order Management is a central hub for pre-trip, during-trip and post trip operations. The customer have the flexibility, Omni-channel fulfillment and trip management options while the airline effectively manage the interaction across all channels and throughout the customer journey

The Order Management module is able to handle the booking, ticketing and post-sale servicing of any flight and ancillary product offered via the platform, this includes both voluntary and involuntary changes and/or refunds. The airline defines rules for the creation and servicing of orders which are applicable when a request is received via a specific channel and/or an agent.

Parties connected directly to the platform via NDC Gateway must have a means to service both voluntary initiated by the customer and involuntary changes initiated by the airline through the use of a User Interface

Users are able to retrieve and service orders from the platform using, Trip ID, Email Address, ET / EMD Number and any third party suppliers order reference

Rich Media Management


Rich Media Management platform is able to store, send, receive and display rich media content between backend content management systems with both airline direct and indirect channels. These could include photos, videos and other forms of rich media. The airline can store Media based on Route, Cabin, Origin and Destination and Aircraft.

TPConnects provide an API out for airlines to send their Rich Media Content stored on TPConnects platform.

NDC API& Gateway


Our ever reliable NDC 16.2 API powered Gateway enable users to make and manage bookings/reservations out of the Airline Passenger System directly without depending on any third-party intervention. TPConnects platform consumes any type of messaging protocols including XMLs, Edifact etc and give out NDC 16.2 API for Online Travel Agents, Travel Management Companies, Meta-Search Engines, Content Aggregators and Global Distribution Systems. It uses the updated and latest IATA NDC compliant XML-messaging system.

Airline Agent Platform


TPConnects Airline Agency Platform allows airline agency partners to shop and book directly with the airline using NDC compliant pricing, shopping and order management services. The Platform directly integrates with the PSS using NDC API along with other air and non-air ancillary products like hotels, cars, transfers, cruise, activities, insurance and holidays.

The Travel Agent is able to perform the whole end-to-end process including shopping, booking, fulfillment, ticketing, payment, and servicing.
Travel Agent can bundle flights with ancillaries, hotels, cars, transfers, tours and cruises.

Travel Agents instantly get updates on policies of procedures by airline in addition to dynamic pricing and special offers

Travel Agent can settle their payment either through BSP or through prepaid credits or through credit cards

Distribution through TPConnects Travel Aggregator Platform


Distribute your airline API directly to TPConnects Travel Aggregator Platform – Reduce Distribution Cost, Increase ancillary revenue, Target incremental revenue

A new generation Travel Aggregator Platform for Travel Agents distributed by TPConnects

Use Airline Ticket Stock and report to BSP

Accept Credit Card, Cash and Cash plus miles as Form of Payment

Integrated with Direct Connect, 3 GDS (for non-Direct Connect Airlines), Hotel Suppliers, Car, Transfer, Cruise & Rail

Support Dynamic Holiday Packaging, Ancillary Sales

Support Preset Holiday Package Module

Inbuilt Rich Content Module for airlines

Inbuilt Frequent Traveller Program & Corporate Booking Tool