Why choose TPConnects over other platforms

TPConnects is a Credible, Scalable, flexible platform with Wider Options and Industry Standards.

TPConnects is the 1st to receive (end to end) NDC Level 3 Certification from IATA and 1st to deliver IATA NDC Live. It offers Transaction in MENA Region with NDC (EDIST) PADIS latest and is the 1st IT Company from MENA Region to Join in BSP and reporting RET Files.


TPConnects offers Payment through Cash, Credit Card, Other payment modes, Own Account & BSP Integration. Its Platform is built on Java multithreading to optimize output results in terms of Speed and Security. The application can scale up or down and can customize based on airlines demand.


TPConnects is the only platform that is capable enough to implement end-to-end NDC with latest schemas.

How TPConnects help my airline /Travel Company to earn incremental revenue and reduce distribution cost?

Non-Air Content (commissionable products like hotels, cars, transfers etc), Dynamic Holiday Packaging and Sales of Ancillary Revenue will generate effective incremental revenue to the airline and travel company.


Airlines Direct Connect integration enables agents to find Lowest prices and last minute seat availability. TPConnects easy to use workflow and proper integration will be helpful in increasing staff productivity. This will eventually reduce the requirement of manpower.

For airlines which are integrating directly in to the PSS and distributing them to the travel industry, it will help them by reducing the distribution cost considerably.


As an airline do we need to have a NDC compliant PSS to connect with the TPConnects platform?

No – TPConnects platform takes care of everything which includes integration with your PSS. The platform is precisely built in 3 layers. The first layer is the acceptance level converting any PSS XML/API/EDIFACT feed to NDC standard. Second layer includes presenting the same to the Travel Agents in NDC standard and the third layer is the redelivery conversion layer to the airline in the PSS format.


What type of architecture does TPConnects follows?

TPConnects follows a modular architecture. The modular system leverages on existing assets and at the same time allows the addition of best-of-breed functionality as per the availability. This modularity efficiently allows the airlines to respond rapidly to changes in their business environment.


What are the integration capabilities of TPConnects?

In the context of a modular landscape, TPConnects NDC platforms leverage on existing integration capabilities and also add up for the additional capabilities which are required to integrate other airline supporting system.


Do you have a high-level NDC roadmap as well as current offerings?

YES. Kindly request us for a list of the main features i.e. current and the roadmap. While the feature list is fairly high level, it will support the airline in identifying key features which are required and to customize the same according to the airline requirements.


What will be the time frame under which we can deliver live NDC transaction using TPConnects platform?

Depending on the support and availability from the airline PSS, TPConnects platform will assist the airlines to deliver first live transaction (end-to-end) using NDC standard within 60 to 90 days.


Which investments should be considered?

One time set up fees

Per Passenger Transaction fees

Integration, Customization, Hosting and Maintenance charges


How the airlines will deploy your solution?

TPConnects platform is pre-integrated with non-air commissionable products like hotels, cars, activities, insurance and transfers. The platform comes with a merchandising engine and will also integrate it directly to the PSS of any airline. Once the integration is completed the airline has to complete the merchandising of ancillaries including rich content through the merchandising engine. The airline can either offer the product as a Direct Connect or as an Aggregator to the Travel Agents.


What is the Technical prospectus of TP Connect solution?

TPConnects solution has been built on Java with PHP.

It is highly flexible for any kind of customization in present or future.


For me as an airline can we just distribute our content through TPConnects Aggregator Platform?

YES. The airlines can directly connect and distribute their content through the Aggregator Platform.  Travel Agencies’ will book as well as purchase the airline products and will report it directly to the BSP’s.


Which are the Phases of implementation?

The implementation will be carried out in 3 Phases according to the scope based on airline requirement. In the first phase itself we will be able to get the airline directly into IATA NDC pilot test. First Phase with IATA NDC (flights + hotels + cars + insurance + activities + event tickets + basic merchandising and rich content) and settlement through BSP, Own Account, Cash and Credit Card.

Second Phase IATA NDC (flights + hotels + cars + insurance + activities + event tickets + merchandising and rich content) and Third Phase includes complete implementation including interline.


Where is TPConnects now in the production area? Is our solution working live with airlines and GDSs? Is it compatible with all the current available GDSs

TPConnects proudly informs you that it is the first IT Vendor to deliver IATA NDC end to end with NDC (EDIST) PADIS 15.2, merchandising and non-air commissionable products. The 2016 road map encapsulates BSP integration with RET files reporting, interlining and DCS integration along with OAG, ATPCO and ARINC integration. The solution has been integrated with Amadeus GDS and is also being integrated with Travelport(under process). TPConnects solution is compatible with all GDS and PSS systems currently available in the market.


How do we take it from here for our NDC Project?

Kindly contact TPConnects on management@tpconnects.com

Sign an NDA with TPConnects and simultaneously involve IATA NDC Regional Office.

Then Finalize Product Road Map, Commercial, Scope Document, SLA’s and Key deliverables.


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