TPConnects – Connecting Travel Partners with Technology

Connecting Travel Partners with Technology

The First Mover Advantage

We are the 1st to deliver IATA NDC Live Transaction in MENA (Middle East and Africa) Region with NDC (EDIST) PADIS 15.2 Schema ever.

We are the 1st to receive (end to end) NDC Level 3 Certification from IATA in December 2015.

We are the 1st from MENA Region to report transactions directly to BSP using neutral stock.


Travel Retailing including all components

Air (Individual PSS + GDS + LCC’s), Ancillaries (Ground, while on board and at the destination) Non-air Products (Hotels, Car, Transfers, Insurance, Activities, Cruises, Event Tickets etc), bundle and unbundle – everything under a single roof for airlines as well as travel agencies.


Ease of access

A Simple workflow with user-friendly GUI hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) for any type of user.

Globally available and accessible on devices such as mobile, tablet.etc

Single screen with a 3 step – Search, Book and Payment

Covers the depth and breadth of the content from travel focused suppliers drive user experience

Has been designed to showcase the products from suppliers including features like rich content, reviews etc


Speed and Scalability

The complete platform uses Java multithreading to receive optimum solutions.

The application is flexible enough to scale up or down based on airlines/agency’s demand.