About TPConnects

About TpConnects

Shaping the Future of Travel Distribution

TPConnects is a motivated and self-driven company tirelessly working on its mission –  “Shaping the Future of Travel Distribution”.

We serve the leading airline companies by retailing their travel products at a lower distribution cost. We ensure rich content, bundle and unbundle offers and also provide the consumers with the ability to create their own offers by choosing services like hotels, activities and dynamic packaging.

We assist travel agents in searching, comparing and selling travel products from a varied range of suppliers. This includes airlines from GDS’s, Direct Connect, hotels, car, activities, cruise, insurance and holidays.

We provide top-notch tools like mobile booking engine and its advanced features. This also includes Big Data Analytics like predictive modeling, simulations and next-best action decision-making tools to execute travel operations flawlessly while we focus on targeting potential customers efficiently.

Our company was founded back in 2005 and we are currently based out of India with the regional development office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We always believe in catering the best and quality services which ultimately helps in improving the business performance and customer experience of airlines, travel agencies, tour operators and online travel agencies. From the very base of a simple booking solution to the sophisticated booking and distribution engines, our team of experts take care of everything.

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Why TPConnects

Effective and lower distribution cost for airlines

We assist airlines as merchants to distribute their flights. But we don’t just stop here, we also merchandise their products. One can integrate their airline PSS directly with our efficient distribution platform in the same way like they connect to the internet booking engine. Not only do we reduce the distribution cost, but we also reduce the time spent on marketing in a smart way. Airlines can explore incremental revenue by selling the ancillary products and can add rich and in-trend content like videos and images which actually saves the marketing cost as well as time. TPConnects then report the transactions and RET files to the participating BSP’s.


IATA New Distribution Capability (NDC)

The only thing which is permanent in this world is “change” and we at TPConnects know it very well. The New Distribution Capability (NDC) will definitely bring a transformation in the travel industry. This includes changing the way in which airline products are being retailed right now by developing an advanced internet-based data standard for communications between airlines and travel agents. If you have decided to choose NDC, TPConnects offers you the best solutions which will fulfil all your end-to-end requirements including interline merchandising. TPConnects is proud to inform you that it is the first company to deliver IATA NDC Live Transaction in MENA Region with NDC (EDIST) PADIS 15.2 Schema. TPConnects also is the first IT vendor and aggregator to receive IATA NDC Level 3 (end-to-end) certification in December 2015.


Merchandising System based on IATA NDC

End-to-end integration is a must to effectively benefit from merchandising and personalization. This integration enables quick response time as well as offers the best in class shopping capabilities. You know the importance of dynamic pricing in our industry especially when it comes to air and ancillaries bundle and unbundled and handling of post-sales activities including exchange and a true multichannel approach with unique coverage. This is only possible using integration systems like TPConnects as it is very precise.


Managing travel retailing and airline commerce

We are experts when it comes to Travel Retailing, bundling and unbundling offers, combining Air (content from Individual PSSs + GDSs + Ancillaries), non-air (Hotels, Car, Transfers, Insurance, Activities, Cruises, Event Tickets etc) and Dynamic Holiday Packaging.


Leisure Management Solutions

We understand the importance of leisure and are experts at providing leisure management solutions. This includes building day by day itinerary, creating your own custom packages for flights, accommodation, activities, insurance and car rental at the best available pricing. You can also manage your own inventory, fleet and allocations. Highly advanced services like dynamic and static packages, quotation and invoice management with rich content and personalization are also offered. What more? Our leisure management solutions have been integrated with all major hotel suppliers like Expedia, GTA, Team America, Hotelbeds and much more. Activity suppliers like Viator are also integrated with car hire, insurance and transfers.


TPConnects Rating

End-to-end shopping flow integration


Delivering scalability and performance


Channel agnostic solution




Multi-Device Merchandising


Aggregation of diversified content


TPConnects - Connects Business with Technology

The First Mover Advantage

We are the 1st to deliver IATA NDC Live Transaction in MENA (Middle East and Africa) Region with NDC (EDIST) PADIS 15.2 Schema ever.

We are the 1st to receive (end to end) NDC Level 3 Certification from IATA in December 2015.

We are the 1st from MENA Region to report transactions directly to BSP using neutral stock.


Travel Retailing including all components

Air (Individual PSS + GDS + LCC’s), Ancillaries (Ground, while on board and at the destination) Non-air Products (Hotels, Car, Transfers, Insurance, Activities, Cruises, Event Tickets etc), bundle and unbundle – everything under a single roof for airlines as well as travel agencies.


Ease of access

A Simple workflow with user-friendly GUI hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) for any type of user.

Globally available and accessible on devices such as mobile, tablet.etc

Single screen with a 3 step – Search, Book and Payment

Covers the depth and breadth of the content from travel focused suppliers drive user experience

Has been designed to showcase the products from suppliers including features like rich content, reviews etc


Speed and Scalability

The complete platform uses Java multithreading to receive optimum solutions.

The application is flexible enough to scale up or down based on airlines/agency’s demand.


TPConnects Milestones