Technology solution provider TPConnects will launch a new Travel Aggregator platform based on Iata New Distribution Capability’s (NDC) XML-based data transmission standard for both airlines and travel companies worldwide.

The Travel Aggregator platform is aimed at enabling airlines to distribute the same differentiated content as found on their websites – such as seats, preferred meals, duty free products, chauffeur service etc. to the travel sellers (Travel Companies, Online Travel Agencies and Tour Operators).

For the launch, TPConnects has signed up with an airline in Middle East to distribute its products and services to the travel agents the same way as its website does.

TPConnect’s airline customer will be the first airline to implement the latest NDC schemas, and in a very quick and modular approach that supports easy integration of already existing system and through multiple sales channels.

TPConnects is adapting a modular approach along with the three phases of the project that will eventually cover NDC schemas end to end with live NDC transaction reported to IATA’s Bank Settlement Plan (BSP).

Kristine Fernandez, director business development at TPConnects, said; ‘As airlines work with their travel partners to bring IATA’s NDC to life in a bid to ensure their products are fully visible and can be distributed across all channels, TPConnects have moved a step further bringing a new paradigm that would eventually allow airlines to adopt an type retail model with personalisation.

The platform will ensure that the participating airlines products are fully visible and can be bundled across all channels, enabling travel providers to maximise revenue not only by selling seats and ancillary sales but also through other commission-based products like hotels, car, transfer, activity and duty free (pre order and on-board).

Travel Sellers will be able to compare products, maximise their revenue by selling ancillary revenues in addition to the airline seats. They will be able to buy products like wi-fi (which in most cases are available on-board or during check-in), Duty Free and earn commissions out of this in addition to event and show tickets.

The basic package of TPConnects comes with Flight, hotel, car, insurance and ancillary revenue integrated with multiple aggregators, Global Distribution systems and Airline Passenger Service Systems. The merchandising engine enables airlines to list their ancillary products which are not available currently.

In 2014 air travellers spent an estimated $28.5 billion on ancillary options such as on-board food and beverages, checked baggage, seat assignments etc. according to research conducted. While an estimated 50 per cent of airline tickets are sold via brick and mortar travel agencies and online travel sites, the vast majority of ancillary products and services are sold by airlines on their own websites. With TPConnects aggregator platform customers are able to view detailed product information as it is being presented on airline websites. –TradeArabia News Service


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